Revitalizing, Resurfacing & Anti-Aging Rejuvenation

The power of sponge spicules, extracted from freshwater sponges, stimulates the dermis, enhancing skin microcirculation and facilitating the delivery of active ingredients to the skin’s deeper layers. Under a microscope, these spicules appear as sharp rod crystals and, when applied through hand massage, millions of natural siliceous microneedles are introduced into the dermis in just 5 minutes.


Refine Skin, Even Skin Tone, Fades Melanin/ Melasma, Improves Skin Texture. 


Improves Acne Prone Skin, Improves Acne Bacteria, Fades Acne Marks & Scarring 

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation

Smooth Wrinkles, Firming and Lifting, Improves Skin Elasticity, Remodelling & Rejuvenating