Doctors Procedures

Face Nade Contouring

This face contouring treatment employs a dual-action approach. Initially, it targets the removal of waste and toxins from the skin. Subsequently, it strengthens and firms the skin structure, resulting in a reshaped facial contour that is both effective and long-lasting.

Face Firming

Experience a notable enhancement in skin firmness and tone with this product. Formulated with DMAE, it effectively fortifies elastic fibers, combating and firming sagging skin on both the face and body.

(Face, Neck, Arms, Hands, Stomach, Etc.)

Eyebags Treatment

Eliminate under-eye bags and rejuvenate your appearance with our specialized Eyebags Treatment, designed to reduce puffiness and restore a refreshed, youthful look.

Fox/Cat Eye

Offers a transformative solution for achieving alluring, elongated eye shapes through meticulous enhancement techniques.

Smile Line Fix

Reducing the appearance of smile lines, enhancing facial contour, and restoring a more youthful and refreshed appearance to the skin.

Cheek Lift

Non-invasive solution to enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of the cheeks, delivering a lifted and more youthful contour without surgery.


Non-invasive solution to rejuvenate and redefine facial contours, providing a youthful and lifted appearance in just one session.

Thread Filler

Non-surgical solution for lifting and tightening skin, utilizing dissolvable threads strategically placed to stimulate collagen production, resulting in rejuvenated and lifted facial contours with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

Botox Treatment

(Forehead Lines, Frown/Glabellar Lines, Crow’s Feet)

(Forehead Lines, Frown/Glabellar Lines, Crow’s Feet, Bunny/Nasalis Lines)



(Underarm Botox)


Barbie Arms

Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP)

Hair Bald Spot Treatment

Face Thread Lift

Hiko Nose Thread Lift